What Are Some Example Thank-You Letters?


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Thank-you notes vary by occasion, but generally include greetings, expressions of gratitude, a few sentences about an item or gesture given and another statement of thanks. They frequently end with a warm salutation. According to etiquette, thank-you notes and letters should be sent as promptly as possible.

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An example of a thank-you note for a baby or bridal shower or wedding gift is: "Dear Aunt Libby, Thank you for the fluffy towels you gave us. We will enjoy using them after long baths. We hope you'll come and see us soon. Thanks again for thinking of us during this exciting time in our lives. Much love, Susie and John."

A thank-you note for birthday or graduation gifts should model the following: "Dear Grandma, Thank you so much for the gift card you sent for my graduation. I'll use that money to help purchase items I'll need in my dorm room this fall. Thanks for all your love and support as I worked through school. Love always, Betty."

Acknowledge flowers, food and support during and after a death by including solemn but appreciative wording: "Dear Mrs. Smith, Thank you for dropping off food and bringing our mail to us as we dealt with the loss of our father. Your kind words and helpfulness made this difficult time easier to bear. Thank you again for your support. Kind regards, The Jones family, Mary, Josh and Ann." It is acceptable for a close friend or relative to write thank-you notes for the family after a funeral.

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