What Are Some Example Sociology Exam Questions?


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Sociology questions ask students to provide information about a number of social behaviors and organizations, such as cults and riots. Examples of these questions are available on the College Board website.

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Unique markers and patterns of behavior define various human social institutions. Sociology is partly concerned with properly identifying these institutions and how people conduct themselves once they join. There are distinctions between mainstream society and religions, for example. Mainstream religions maintain a belief in a deity. Cults may do the same, but a sociological question might ask about the differences between the two. One major difference is that cults are often exclusionary and revolve around a cult of personality. Because of the breadth of social behaviors and institutions, there can be a vast difference between one sociological question and the next. Another example of a sociological question deals with what a behavior is called when all people tend to agree without critical responses. In this case, an answer such as "groupthink" would be appropriate. Yet another example question might deal with migration. There are different forms of migration. Sometimes factors push a person out of his home country, while other factors pull a person into the country. These are called push and pull factors, and sociology asks about the differences between the two. Finally, sociology can ask about different forms of government, including totalitarianism, socialism and oligarchies.

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