What Is an Example of a Routine Request Letter?

A routine request letter is mostly used in business or formal communications to request for information that is part of normal business operations. It contains three sections, which include the introduction, the body and the conclusion of the letter. The introduction states the main idea, the body contains supporting information that clarifies the idea, and the conclusion is a call to action for the audience.

When writing a good routine request letter, use formal language and state your request for information at the very beginning of your letter, but be very specific about what you are requesting. Assume that the recipient will comply with your request, and always avoid a demanding tone. In the body of your letter, it is important to provide an explanation that justifies your request by showing the reader how he benefits from complying with your request, then request more details through asking questions. Start with the most important and relevant questions first, and make sure that each question covers only one topic in very concise wording. Conclude your letter by requesting for a specific action in a courteous manner, and include your contact information as well as an expression of goodwill or appreciation for the reader.