What Is an Example of a Process Paragraph?


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A process paragraph is an instructional block of text that explains how to perform an action. It may also serve as an explanation for how an event occurred. The paragraph usually begins with an introductory summary that is followed by sequential steps in an instructional or a chronological way, depending on the subject matter.

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To begin writing the paragraph, draft an outline to make it easier to follow through with content, especially if you are still learning about the process. Organize the major points of the process paragraph, and examine them closely to determine if they follow each other in a logical way because the purpose of the paragraph is to be as logical and instructional to the reader as possible.

Begin with a strong introductory sentence and then proceed with the steps of the process itself. More detailed process paragraphs may include explanations of each step to inform readers about why the process has a certain order. When the process paragraph is complete, read over the work to ensure it makes sense and is easy to understand. Completing the revision step of the editing process maximizes the results of the process paragraph and is vital for polishing the work into a final draft.

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