What Is an Example of an Inspirational Letter?


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One example of an inspirational letter is one written by Harper Lee in 2006 to a fan requesting a signed picture of the author. Another example of an inspirational letter is one written by Roald Dahl, who sent the author a bottle of ingredients representing her dreams.

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What makes Harper Lee's letter to the fan unique is that she begins by stating that she has no pictures of herself to sign and give away. Instead, she offers inspirational words telling the fan to always be truthful, to never harm others, and to not assume he is the most important person in the world. She claims this is the key to the fan's knowing that he is the equal to any person he encounters in the world.

When Roald Dahl received a bottle from a 7-year-old fan filled with glitter, oil and colored water that represented her "dreams," he wrote her a letter expressing appreciation for the unique gift, telling her she was the first individual to send him anything like it. He inspired the fan by telling her that he enjoyed the dream as well as the bottle. He also added some humor by telling her that he would blow the dream through the window of a sleeping child within his village to see if it actually works.

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