What Is an Example of First Grade Homework?


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An example of first grade homework might include solving some simple arithmetic problems. First graders are expected to know how to do simple addition (e.g. 1+1, 2+3) and simple subtraction (e.g. 5-1, 4-2). They also learn to count by twos, fives, and tens. In addition to the math homework that first graders receive, they also must accomplish reading, writing and spelling tasks.

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What Is an Example of First Grade Homework?
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A first grader might receive a homework assignment that requires him to fill in the blanks in words that are missing a letter. For example, if a series of short words were missing an internal vowel, the students would be asked to choose from a list of vowels and determine which of them belongs in each word.

For a writing assignment, first graders are asked to continue a sentence after receiving an initial prompt. For example, a student might receive a piece of paper that says "After school I" at the top. The student is expected to write as many words as needed to finish the sentence.

A first grader might also receive a sheet that includes a few images of animals and insects. He then is required to write underneath each image if the image depicts an insect or an animal.

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