What Is an Example of an Explanation Essay?


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Numerous examples of explanation or expository essays can be found at academichelp.net. Reading over these examples helps students to understand more fully the conventions and requirements of an academic explanation essay. To write a good explanation essay, the writer must understand the purpose and structure of this type of essay.

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An explanation essay does what it says — it explains a topic to the reader. Reading several examples of good explanation essays helps writers understand what an essay of this type should and shouldn't do. In general, essays of this type don't express the writer's opinions or arguments but instead make an objective, well-reasoned analysis and in-depth examination of a particular event or situation. To accomplish this successfully, writers must think carefully about their chosen topics, acquire support for their ideas, and synthesize those thoughts into a coherent, unified and well-structured essay.

Important elements of a well-written essay include a clear thesis statement, usually made in the introductory paragraph, as well as several supporting paragraphs, each with its own key idea expounding on one facet of the essay topic. A good explanation essay ends with a conclusion restating the thesis and wrapping up the writer's main ideas in a few well-chosen sentences.

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