What Is an Example of an Essay for College Admission?


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An example college admission essay follows the exact prompts given by the college, has a cohesive structure and style, and uses many specifics in regards to the author's life and his motivation for applying to this college program. This level of specificity helps convince review committees of the applicant's willingness to intensely research the program before applying.

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Providing detailed answers to admission prompts typically means providing answers regarding "how" and "why." For instance, the most direct answer to the question, "What is important to you?" may be, "To teach high school students." However, the essay answer should also elaborate on why this is such an important goal and how the writer discovered his passion for it.

Answering "how" and "why" also gives flexibility in answering questions without deviating too much from the question. Admissions officers are less likely to admit someone who has deviated too far from the questions posed. Conversely, a detailed answer illustrates the level of thought the writer has put into the question.

Using a strong introduction helps convince the admissions officer to read the essay in its entirety rather than just skimming it. Stories and anecdotes make strong introductions and showcase the unique voice of the writer. The voice and tone should be representative of the writer and his personality and not hidden behind flowery language or large vocabulary words.

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