What Is an Example of an Egg Drop Project Using Straws?

example-egg-drop-project-using-straws Credit: Horia Varlan/CC-BY-2.0

One project requires the straws as part of a contraption which will reduce deceleration and protect the egg as it falls. There are various ways that the straws can be arranged and used in such a project.

Virginia Tech Physics Outreach group features a listing of various items that would be ideal for an egg-drop project. One of these supplies includes straws. The straws can be used as part of a designed contraption that slows the deceleration of the egg so that the egg will be protected during its landing. The straws can provide a frame for the contraption, which should prove to cushion the egg, or employ air drag techniques to slow it down a great deal. Other items that work well for such a project include cellophane, balloons, popsicle sticks, rubber bands, newspaper to place on the floor to prevent any huge messes and small paper cups. The students also will need some tape to carry this out. This task helps the kids to learn about gravity, rate of deceleration, air drag, construction and physics in general. This can be done within the classroom, with each student creating their own or by working in groups to build the contraptions. Also, it may be done in a homeschool setting. Though young children can work on the project, older children and teenagers may benefit from it more due to the fact that they tend to have more knowledge of physics.