What Is an Example of a Deferral Letter?

example-deferral-letter Credit: Jupiterimages/Stockbyte/Getty Images

An example of a deferral letter is a template that shows how a deferral letter is written. When a student receives a deferral letter, this means the student has not been accepted or rejected. Deferral letters are usually sent to students who apply for early admission to a college or educational program.

A deferral letter includes the student's name and the name of the program or college the student has applied to. Some deferral letters do not provide a reason for deferment, but others request more information from the student. Most deferment letters provide further information about when a student can expect to hear back about the college's decision.

If the deferment letter includes a request for more information, send all of the required documents as soon as possible. If there is no request for additional information, it is still a good idea to send more documents. Respond to the deferment letter by sending letters of recommendation, test scores, transcripts and any other relevant information that was not previously sent.

In addition, send a personal response to the deferment letter. Explain interest in the program, and include a summary of qualifications and past academic performance. Conclude the letter by mentioning appreciation for the application being reviewed.