What Is an Example of the Concept Analysis Method?


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One example of the concept analysis method is a 2013 report on the concept of perinatal bereavement, which began with a review of data sources using the words "perinatal bereavement" and parameters of "English" and "human." From 278 identified data sources, 143 were subject to review using a principle-based concept analysis to identify the concept's antecedents, attributes and consequences. From this review, researchers were able to theoretically define the concept of perinatal bereavement and provide a foundation for future research.

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Antecedents are the occurrences leading to the concept. Pregnancy and death of a fetus or infant during the perinatal period, for example, are antecedents of perinatal bereavement. Attributes of the concept, the characteristics most frequently identified as related to the concept, could include poor prenatal care or complications during delivery, for example. Consequences related to the concept of perinatal bereavement could include marital strife, depression or neglect of other children. From the antecedents, attributes and consequences, researchers construct a series of cases, similar and disparate, to complete the analysis.

Another example of the concept analysis method is a study of the concept of "alarm fatigue" in medical settings. Researchers identified the concept's attributes as excessive repetition, lessened interest in one's surroundings and impaired capacities for the work. Antecedents included presence of a health-care provider and an overburdened working environment. Consequences included a lessened ability to respond appropriately to clinical signals and missing or ignoring potentially harmful facts. The model case described a school nurse who ultimately ignores a seriously injured child who previously visited her office everyday. The implications of this concept analysis targeted creating nursing environments supportive of quality patient care.

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