What Is an Example of How to Cite in-Text Using APA Formatting?


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In AP formatting, an in-text citation should feature the author's name, the year of publication and the page number where the information is located in the cited text. The presentation of this information changes depending on if signal text (for example, "According to Smith...") is used to introduce information.

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If signal text is used, the year of publication should be in parentheses immediately following the author's name: "As discussed in a study by Smith (2011)..." The page number should follow the quote, be set in parentheses and be preceded by "p.": ("p. 243"). If signal text is not used, the author, year of publication and page number should all appear in a single parenthetical after the quote: "(Smith, 2011, p. 243)."

Quotes longer than 40 words should use the same rules for parenthetical information. Long quotes should be presented in block text, with all lines indented 1/2 inch from the left margin. These quotes should not use quotation marks and should remain double-spaced.

Ideas paraphrased from other works should reference the author and the year of publication, following the same rules for signal text and parenthetical information. APA guidelines encourage, but do not require the page number for the paraphrased idea.

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