How Do You Find Evening Classes in Your Area?


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Find evening classes in your area on local school websites, local library websites or the Craigslist.org website near you. Find links to school websites on CampusExplorer.com, which allows you to search local schools for programs in particular subject areas.

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At CampusExplorer.com, click a category tab on the pop-up window on the main page, such as College Student, Parent or Adult Learner, and then select a school type. Type a subject of study, and then make selections on the location drop-down menus. Click the See Results below link to display a list of programs. Click a listing to display program information, and then click the website link included in the program description to redirect your browser to the program or school website where you can typically find schedules for evening classes.

Many public libraries host evening classes, with offerings commonly including classes on computer usage, tax preparation, searching for a job, literary activities and languages. Many of these classes are free, and typically you find such classes by clicking a tab called Classes or Calendar on the library's main page. Call your local library for additional information; you can find their phone number on PublicLibraries.com.

Craigslist.org site's typically list classes on various subjects, including evening classes. Type "evening class" in the search box near the top-left of the Craigslist site for the city nearest you, and then select a category on the drop-down menu to display a list of classes in the category in which you're interested.

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