What Are Some Established Christian Charter Schools in the Southeastern United States?


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As of 2015, there are no established Christian charter schools in the Southeastern United States because charter schools are publicly funded and cannot be associated with a particular religion, notes the National Alliance for Public Charter Schools. There are many private Christian schools in the Southeast, such as De La Salle High School, John Curtis Christian School, Life of Christ Christian Academy and Northlake Christian School in Louisiana. Families who prefer a public charter school can search the website PublicCharters.org.

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Charter schools are independent schools that run separately from a school district. However, they are still considered public schools and receive funding from tax dollars. For this reason, charter schools cannot be religious. While they cannot endorse a specific religious belief, in some cases there may be some ties to a religious group, such as when several Catholic schools were turned into charter schools in Washington, D.C. In other cases, the charter school may be run by a for-profit charter "chain" organization or by a local nonprofit community group.

Families interested in a charter school in the Southeastern U.S. can click on the "Find a charter school" link on PublicCharters.org, then click on the name of their state to view a list of local charter schools. To find a Christian school, families should contact their local church or parish for more information.

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