How Do You Establish a Home School?

How Do You Establish a Home School?

To establish a home school business, apply for permits and licenses, purchase equipment, research state regulations, and market the business. Home school business ideas include tutoring home-schooled children and offering lesson plans.

Requirements for starting a home school business vary by state, but basic requirements include liability insurance, a tax identification number and business license. Other requirements may include permits from child safety and health departments. Ensure that local zoning restrictions allow the house to be used as a home school business.

Next, purchase equipment based on the type of home schooling program on offer. Equipment and services needed for home schooling include writing materials, textbooks, Internet access, computers and classroom furniture. Additional technical capabilities and software may be required for home school subscription websites.

Become familiar with, and stay updated on the state’s home school laws and regulations. Do research on curriculum guidelines, testing requirements and teaching procedures. This helps to gain trust from parents and to meet legal requirements.

Finally, market the business. Distribute business cards and fliers at educational supply stores, bookstores, PTA meetings and libraries. Network at home school support groups, and create a quality website for the business. Offer links and information about home schooling and other related subjects on the website.