What Is an Essay on Why Education Is so Important?


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An essay on why education is so important is a short composition, usually in the form of prose, that is intended to elucidate or analyze particular information relevant to the importance of education. An essay on the importance of education may also include speculation and interpretation of specific data.

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According to the Purdue University Online Writing Center, an essay is anything that "encourages students to test or examine their ideas given a particular subject." By this definition, essays attempting to explain or analyze a particular subject regarding the importance of education may take many forms. Most commonly, an essay is in written form, but any composition that is intended to examine or explain may be called an essay. An example of a non-written essay on the importance of education is the film, "Waiting For Superman," in which the message is clearly expressed via images, interviews and video footage.

Whether an essay on the importance of education is written, displayed or performed, it needs to be succinct. All definitions of the word "essay" include the specific advice to be succinct and concise. A written essay on the topic, for instance, does not need to be longer that a few thousand words. Pictorial or visual essays also strive for brevity and poignancy.

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