What Is ESL ReadingSmart?


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ESL ReadingSmart is a Web-based program that was created to help students learning English as their second language and increase the speed at which they learn. The program comes in various stages, so students at all levels can use it starting in the 4th grade and all the way through college and beyond. Even adults who are out of college can find adult learning programs to help them improve their reading and communication skills.

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The program includes a number of features such as placement tests and individualized learning paths. This means that each student is placed in the program where they need to be instead of everyone starting at the same level. Some students will learn faster than others, and each type of student needs to be able to learn in a way that works best for them.

There are supplements and helpful tools for teachers as well. The information and guides for the teachers is written in a way that allows them to teach classes of students that are learning or working at different levels at the same time. Teachers can find worksheets and handouts for their students, along with other aids, which helps teachers because everything is in one easy to find place. They can spend more time working with their students rather than setting up the lesson plans.

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