What Are Some ESL Grammar Exercises?


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Many grammar exercises are in the form of quizzes. They consist of multiple choice and fill-in-the-blank questions. Handouts and online grammar lessons are also useful tools in assisting with grammar for ESL students.

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What Are Some ESL Grammar Exercises?
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One type of ESL grammar exercise is done with fill-in-the-blank questions. For example, a present tense exercise may contain a fill-in-the-blank question, where the student must complete a sentence by filling in the correct tense. These types of questions also help ESL students learn about prepositions and their placements within a sentence.

Multiple choice quizzes are most often used in ESL lessons for topics like conjunctions, in which the student is given a set of example sentences and three possible answers. The student selects the conjunction that he or she feels best completes the sentence. This practice is also used for subjects like linking words or articles.

Many of these quizzes and exercises are done online, yet there are handouts that instructors and tutors can print out and give to their students. Some may prefer this because it allows the student to hold onto the exercise so they can refer to it later.

There are also some websites that offer free grammar lessons, covering topics ranging from clauses to types of nouns to using the passive voice. These resources offer valuable information online or printed out as future reference for the student.

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