What Are ESL Conversation-Based Lessons?


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ESL conversation-based lessons consist of planned exercises designed to engage students in meaningful conversation in English. Lessons improve conversational skills and often involve activities such as storytelling, role-playing and group discussions.

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During regular lessons students may lack the confidence to effectively communicate in a language they are not fully familiar with, but classes specifically dedicated to conversation can encourage them to overcome some of the barriers they face.

Conversation-based lessons can take many forms, but they all involve students voicing thoughts and opinions out loud. This bolsters confidence and encourages learners to practice their pronunciation, sentence structure and grammar skills. One effective way to motivate students to participate in conversation involves students asking and answering questions to each other. This is a useful way to train students' ability to express themselves and to simultaneously strengthen group cohesion.

Another approach teachers use to overcome problems connected to students' lack of confidence involves role-playing. In conversation-based classes involving role-play, instructors assign roles and opinions to each student, and then ask them to discuss a particular topic based on their assigned roles. This frees students from the burden of having to voice a personal opinion, allowing them to focus solely on improving their conversational skills.

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