How Do You Find ESL Activities Online?


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ESL activities can be found on sites such as eslflow.com, EnglishClub, and Dave's ESL Cafe. These sites offer a variety of activities for students to do with the guidance of their instructors.

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There are a variety of topics and subjects to choose from for activities on eslflow.com. These include careers, social trends, relationships, and more. The activities for each topic are displayed in subcategories. For example, under the relationships category, there are separate activities that relate to friendship, dating, and marriage. The exercises include worksheets, role play games, and more.

EnglishClub offers a list of activities that are divided by their level of difficulty. Elementary level activities include exercises and games, such as a Bingo game in which students must speak with each other to find people who fit specific descriptions. The upper-intermediate level includes an activity pertaining to travel.

Dave's ESL Cafe is a website operated by ESL expert Dave Sperling. The ideas for games and activities on the site are placed into categories that include business, math and music. There is also a section for private teaching that has games for a teacher and a single student. One example is a game where the student is given a picture of someone in a pose and has to verbally direct the teacher to make the same pose.

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