What Are Equine Chiropractic Schools?


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An equine chiropractic school is a veterinary school that offers training in the field of horse chiropractic treatment. These types of schools are typically attended by veterinarians or chiropractors who wish to extend their services to include the treatment of horses. They are not usually schools devoted solely to equine chiropractics, but instead are programs offered at approved veterinary schools.

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What Are Equine Chiropractic Schools?
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An equine chiropractor treats neck and back problems, muscle injuries, joint pain and muscle problems in horses. These chiropractors are usually veterinarians who study equine chiropractics in order to treat their horse patients, but some traditional chiropractors also become equine chiropractors.

Injuries or poor vertebral alignment can affect a horse's range of motion, so animals with these problems may benefit from chiropractic treatments. Although many racehorses regularly receive these types of treatments, other horses may benefit from them as well.

In order to become an equine chiropractor, you must first obtain a degree in Chiropractics or become a veterinarian. The field of equine chiropractics is considered alternative medicine and is regulated differently in various states.

Most equine chiropractors do not practice on horses exclusively. Many are veterinarians who offer the service to their equine patients, while others are chiropractors who occasionally treat horses. The two careers may seem unrelated, but a shared love of animals makes this a good career for those who are interested in learning chiropractic technique.

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