What Is Enterprise High School Online?

Enterprise High School Online was one of the fictitious names used by a diploma mill that operated from 2006 to 2014. The company was shut down by order of a federal judge in September 2014.

Diversified Educational Resources, LLC, and Motivational Management & Development Services, Ltd. were the companies behind Enterprise High School Online and a number of similar nonexistent schools. The companies sold fraudulent diplomas bearing the names of these schools online for about $200 to $300.

Customers who obtained these diplomas were led to believe they were legitimate, as they were given a multiple-choice test that had to be passed before the diploma was issued. The companies also listed a fake academic accrediting agency on their websites to further the illusion of legitimacy. High school diplomas and GEDs cannot be granted by simply taking a multiple-choice test online.

The Federal Trade Commission investigated the companies, and in 2014, asked a federal judge to shut them down. The owners were charged with violating federal law. The personal financial assets of the owners were also temporarily frozen. Alexander Wolfram and Maria Garcia of Florida were the principal owners and operators of the companies. Their total profit from the diplomas was estimated at over 11 million dollars.