How Do You Enroll in Online Stanford University Courses?

How Do You Enroll in Online Stanford University Courses?

To enroll in online Stanford University courses, go to, click Stanford Online and select a course. Register for an account, create a brief profile and click the link in the subsequent account activation email.

After activating your account, browse the courses, and click Register to enroll in any one. The lists of courses includes many that are archived. You can view any archived courses by clicking View Archived Course after clicking Register.

The archived course Web page includes an explanatory letter from the course professor and a link to the video lecture. Videos of lectures are available in segments, and each titled segment corresponds to a question or major point. Easy navigation links beside each video let you jump ahead or back between questions or points as required. Each video segment is also on, as of 2015.

On each video lecture Web page there are links to download a SubRip or text file of the complete transcript for each lecture and links to all the other video lectures in the course. There are also navigation links to explore corresponding syllabi, online resources and categories pertaining to the lecture's greater subject, such as poetic forms that concern premodern women poets.

There is no limit to the number of courses in which you may enroll.