How Do You Enroll in the JCPS Online School?


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Enrolling in the Jefferson County Public Schools online school, named JCPSeSchool, requires filling out the application, getting it approved and paying fees if applicable. This enrollment process is required for each course the student enrolls in, and it varies depending on whether the student lives in the Louisville area or not.

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Use the following steps to enroll in a JCPSeSchool course.

  1. Obtain the application
  2. Students living within 50 miles of Louisville can either download enrollment forms online or get them from their school counselors. Those outside the area can get enrollment forms from the JCPSeSchool website. Students who plan to enroll in multiple courses at once need separate enrollment forms for each course, notes JCHSCurriculum.com.

  3. Complete the application
  4. Fill out the enrollment form and specify which course the student is taking. Have a school counselor sign the form for approval. Homeschooled students can have their parents sign the form instead, notes JCHSCurriculum.com.

  5. Pay the fees and submit
  6. Local students who are not homeschooled or do not attend private schools need to pay a per-course fee when the enrollment form is submitted. Local students pay and submit the application at the Dawson Orman Education Center in Louisville. Those from out of the area need to fax or mail the application and payment information, and fax and mailing information is available on the JCPSeSchool section of JCHSCurriculum.com as of 2015.

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