How Do You Enroll in Grossmont College Online?

How Do You Enroll in Grossmont College Online?

Enrolling in Grossmont College involves filling out the application, completing the necessary assessments and workshop for admission, choosing classes and then paying enrollment fees; most, but not all, of these steps can be performed online. Prospective students must meet the requirements to attend the school, including getting permission to take college courses if still attending high school.

Enrolling in Grossmont College requires the steps below as of 2015.

  1. Apply online
  2. Access the online application link through the admissions section of Grossmont College's website, Applying requires getting a CCC Apply account and then logging in to start filling in the application. Submit the application at the end. No fee is required.

  3. Complete the assessments and in-person orientation
  4. After completing the application, contact the school to inquire about the English and math assessments required to determine future coursework in these areas. In addition, complete the required orientation workshop after the testing appointment.

  5. Choose classes online
  6. Use Grossmont College's WebAdvisor to sign up for classes for the first semester online. If help is necessary choosing courses, contact a school counselor.

  7. Pay fees
  8. After completing the admissions process and signing up for classes, use WebAdvisor to pay for the semester's tuition and mandatory fees online. Some of these include enrollment, health and student representation fees. The college also allows students to pay by mail or in person.