How Do You Enroll in Driving School?

How Do You Enroll in Driving School?

To enroll in a driving school, search for a licensed school, make sure that the curriculum meets the state requirements, confirm that the school will keep appropriate records and complete the registration process, notes the Washington State Department of Licensing. Student drivers should also make sure to meet any out-of-class driving requirements to obtain their licenses.

Use the steps below to enroll in a driving school.

  1. Search for a licensed school
  2. Find local licensed schools. Ask other parents and student for recommendations.

  3. Review the curriculum
  4. Go over the school's curriculum to make sure that it meets the state's classroom and driving requirements.

  5. Confirm recordkeeping
  6. Confirm that the school will keep the records needed to demonstrate proof that a student has completed the course.

  7. Complete the registration process
  8. Complete the registration form and pay any necessary fees to enroll in the school.