How Do You Enroll in Courses Online at Lone Star College?

To enroll in courses online at Lone Star College, choose a program, create a degree plan, choose credit or noncredit courses, log in to myLoneStar and complete the registration process, notes the college's official website. As of 2015, Lone Star College offers several late-start courses for students who missed the registration deadline for the most recent semester.

Use the following steps to enroll in courses online at Lone Star College, as noted by

  1. Go to the official website
  2. Go to the Lone Star College website and click on Course Catalog under the Student Service drop-down menu. Then, click on Registration on the left side of the screen.

  3. Choose a program
  4. Choose a program of study from one of Lone Star College's degrees and certificates. Examples include communication and media studies, geographic information science and cartography, health and medical administrative services, legal support services and interior design.

  5. Plan out the classes
  6. Review the program requirements and create a degree plan that lists all of the necessary coursework.

  7. Review the semester schedule
  8. Look over the semester's class schedule and compare it to the degree plan to determine the courses available.

  9. Register for classes
  10. Click on Register for Credit Classes or Register for Non-credit Classes depending on the desired class. Follow the instructions to enroll in classes.