How Do You Enroll in College Online?


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To enroll in a college of your choice online, navigate to its website and go through its application procedure. The process usually varies depending on the college to which you are applying. An application form is usually available on the website, and some college websites provide an enrollment guide.

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Once you are ready, create a login ID and password. An email address is also required on your application; the college sends corresponding information regarding your enrollment to that address. Select what type of a student you are, whether you are a new student or a transfer student, and the term you want to attend. Fill in the detailed application form truthfully, and verify the information once again when you are through. Depending on the college policy, application forms may only be submitted once. After submission, log out to secure your application information. Processing of the online application may take approximately two to three days, depending on the college.

Alternatively, print out an application from the college's website and fill it in, then submit it to the college's admissions office. As soon as it receives your application, it sends you an email or calls you. The admissions office may retain unfinished applications for a period of time.

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