How Do You Enroll a Child in Zion Lutheran School?

The enrollment process for Zion Lutheran School in Deerfield Beach, Florida, requires an online application, a review of the student's current grades and standardized test results, two teacher recommendations, and an enrollment exam. At that point, it is up to the school whether to approve or deny the student's application for admission.

During the admissions process, parents and students are encourage to attend an open house as well as an individual tour of the school. Admissions decisions are made on a case by case basis, according to the information provided via recommendations and exam results. According to the school's website, they seek to enroll students who will be a good match with the school's emphasis on academic, spiritual and community goals. To discourage economic barriers to enrollment, Zion Lutheran School offers tuition assistance to students who qualify for acceptance but would face financial difficulties in paying tuition.

Zion Lutheran School was founded in 1964 by the congregation of Zion Lutheran Church with only nine children enrolled but grew quickly during the next two decades. The high school was added in 1984, and the Zion campus now comprises fourteen acres of land with multiple classroom buildings, sports fields and playgrounds for the enrichment of children.