How Do You Find Free English Writing Skills Workshops?


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Many educational websites and colleges offer free English writing skills workshops, including Allison.com, edX and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, as of 2015. Each of these organizations offers instruction on how to develop strong English-language writing and communication skills. However, different classes focus on different areas of English writing.

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Allison.com provides a free course, English Writing Skills, designed for anyone wanting to improve his writing. The class covers styles of writing, including comedy, instructional texts, opinion pieces and poetry. This class also focuses on punctuation and grammar skills while providing students the opportunity to learn about using different writing styles to target different audiences.

The site, edX, offers free online workshop classes such as English Grammar and Essay Writing. This class teaches students persuasive writing techniques and essay development, along with proofreading and editing skills.

MIT offers learners free access to English writing courses through its open learning platform. One such course, Writing and Reading the Essay, focuses on the essay as a popular literary genre. Course activities include journal writing and personal writing assignments. Another example of a course on the MIT platform is a course on English writing and reading skills developed through the study of short stories. In this class, students study features of short stories, such as character development, plot development and point of view, as a method to understand English writing skills.

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