What Are Some English Words That End in "Z"?


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Some common words in the English language that end with the letter Z include buzz, jazz, quiz and showbiz. Other English words ending in Z include fizz, fuzz, pizzazz and fez.

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Some more obscure words that end in Z include adz, yutz, hertz and chintz. An adz, the American spelling of adze, is a cutting tool that has a curved blade set at a right angle, usually used to shape wood. Yutz is a pejorative term deriving from Yiddish applied to someone foolish, awkward or incompetent. Hertz is the measure of frequency, defined as one cycle per second. In the United States, Hertz is also the name of a car rental company. Chintz is a painted calico fabric usually associated with India.

Other words ending in Z include blintz, ersatz, kibbutz and schmaltz. A blintz is a thin pancake that is filled, usually with cheese, and then folded, baked and served with either sour cream or a sweet sauce. Ersatz is an adjective that describes something artificial, usually of inferior quality or a mere imitation of the real thing. A kibbutz is a community defined by social and economic sharing and equality. Schmaltz is a noun applied to art or music that is overly sentimental.

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