Which English Words Are Derived From Hebrew Words?


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An English word that has its origin in Hebrew is the word "copacetic". It comes from the Hebrew phrase "kol beseder", which means, "every thing is all right". Another word which comes from the Hebrew is "cabal," from "Kabbalah," which describes a secretive group of people in both languages.

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Which English Words Are Derived From Hebrew Words?
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"Camel" is an English word that comes from the Hebrew word "gamal" or "gimmel". Those words describe the third letter in the Hebrew language. "Sapphire" is another English word that was taken from the Hebrew, here "sappir". Both words mean a gem or jewel that is the color of the sky.

The Torah contains a story about the generation after Noah trying to build a tower that was high enough to reach Heaven and challenge God. The name of the tower was the Tower of Babel. In the story, God punishes the city by dispersing them to all corners of the Earth with many different languages so they could not communicate again. The English word "babble" comes from the name of that tower and means nonsensical sounds.

The word "sabbatical" is used to describe time that is taken off from personal research or work. This word has its foundation in the Jewish idea of Shabbat. Shabbat is the day that Jewish people rest and reflect on God's blessings.

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