What Is the English Translation of "abhir Correo Electronico"?


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The English translation of the Spanish phrase "abhir correo electronico" is "to open email." The literal translation is "to open electronic mail." The word "abhir" means "to open," "correo" tranlates to "mail" and "electronico" means "electronic."

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"Electronico" is an adjective that either takes a masculine or feminine form, depending on the gender of the noun that it modifies. For example, "correo" is a masculine noun, prompting the masculine form of "electronico." The term "ravista" is a feminine noun that translates to "magazine." If a speaker were referring to an electronic magazine, "electronica" is the feminine form used to modify "ravista."

The form of the adjective also varies based on the plurality of the word it is modifying.

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