Is There an English Text Translation of the Quran?


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As of 2015, the Quran has been translated multiple times into English. Some places where one can find English text translations of the Quran include the websites Quran.com and Muslim.org, as well as ClearQuran and the website for the Lahore Ahmadiyya Movement.

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The text of the Quran has been translated hundreds of times into other languages, including English. Although the original Arabic text is considered sacred, to the point that valid prayers and recitations from the text can only be spoken in Arabic, there have been English versions available since the 17th century. The first English translation appeared in 1649, based on an earlier French translation from the original Arabic. It was followed by a 1734 translation, based on a Latin version. Since then, there have been several translations into English directly from the Arabic. Some English translations by non-Muslims have re-arranged the order of the chapters to fit a chronological time line.

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