What Are Some English Reading Games That Help Teach Fluency?


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Some English reading games that teach fluency include Reading Block Tower, Pieces of the Reading Puzzle and Secret Message Pop. These simple games teach English learners basic reading and vocabulary skills.

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Reading Block Tower, a variation on the popular game Jenga, has students attempting to stack a tower of blocks as high as they can without causing it to topple over. To prepare the game, teachers write a different word on each block, ideally using stickers so the blocks can be reused with different words. Students then take turns selecting blocks at random, reading and defining the words and then attempting to add them to the tower.

Pieces of the Reading Puzzle uses cheap dollar store puzzles to help students practice reading stories. To start, teachers purchase simple puzzles with low numbers of pieces, ideally 20 or 30. After assembling the puzzles, teachers turn them over and write a story using vocabulary words on the back of each piece. After disassembling the puzzles, students must read the words on them and attempt to piece together both the puzzle and the story.

Secret Message Pop makes use of bubble wrap to help a student study reading words and reveal a secret message. Using a colored marker, teachers write out a sentence with one word each on a different bubble, leaving spaces between each word. Next, they fill up the remaining bubbles with different vocabulary words. Teachers then call out words to students, who attempt to find them on the bubble grid. As students locate words, they can pop the bubbles, eventually revealing the secret message.

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