What Are the Best English Courses Online?

What Are the Best English Courses Online?

Some of the best English online courses include Englishtown, Livemocha and ESO, or English Study Online. Each of these websites allows users to learn English through live tutors and one-on-one instruction as well as published materials.

These English online courses teach both business and survival English and accommodate speakers of multiple languages, including Chinese, French, German and Russian. Some services, such as ESO, offer an English certificate upon completion of the program.

The organization of the courses and programs vary depending on the services chosen. For example, Englishtown offers courses in 16 separate levels, some of which include business English. They also provide students with access to private tutors and study aids.

The methods of learning also vary. Flash cards, pronunciation assistance, games and other media help students form a solid foundation of the English language. Most courses are accessed online, using a computer or tablet, but these top English online courses offer mobile access as well.

Each of these courses provides students with access to community forums where they can ask questions and share common struggles. Additionally, they encourage students to solicit each other as pen pals so they can practice their English and develop friendships. Englishtown and ESO also feature group courses for more social learning environments.