What Are Some English Boy Names?


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Devin, Brandon, Christian, Landon and Preston are examples of popular English boy names, as of 2015, according to The Bump. Caiden, Emerson, Garret, Holden and Keaton are considered unique English names for boys.

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What Are Some English Boy Names?
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Based on a list by BabyCentre in 2011, the most popular English boy's names were Oliver, Jack, Harry, Charlie and James. After that came Joshua, Alfie, Thomas, Jacob and Ethan.

Archie as a nickname for Archibald is a classic English boy name. Basil is a traditional name meaning "royal, knightly." Foster is a name that relates to being a woodsman. Miles comes from Latin and means "soldier." Victor is another Latin-based name.

Some names have historical significance. The name Arthur is reminiscent of the legends of King Arthur. Byron reminds people of the Romantics poet, Lord Byron. The name Byron means "at the byres," or cowshed.

Some Old English names that are still in use include Clayton, Harlan, Wesley, Wilson and Oscar. Calvin is an Old French name, and Elias comes from Greek or Hebrew origin. Warner is an Old German name that means "army guard."

Some English boy names come from Gaelic. For instance, Grady is Gaelic for "renowned," and Nelson comes from Neil, a Gaelic name meaning "champion." Grant is a Scottish name, and Owen is Welsh. English boy names also come from Hebrew, such as Ike, Ira and Levi.

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