Why Is Emotional Quotient Important?

Why Is Emotional Quotient Important?

Emotional quotient is important because it measures a full range of human intelligence. It encompasses the ability of a person to express emotions, evaluate, perceive and control. Emotional quotient is a complex array of factors that determine the success of a person.

Emotional quotient has a strong impact on the business world. For example, some companies use emotional quotient tests in hiring processes and order emotional intelligence training. In addition, research evidence reveals that good leaders and managers are emotionally intelligent.

Furthermore, emotional intelligence can be taught. For instance, after leaving social and emotional learning programs, children score higher grades, achieve higher school attendance rates and have fewer disciplinary problems.

Some schools in the United States make social and emotional learning programs part of their curriculum. Evidence shows that people with higher emotional quotients perform better at work. Emotional intelligence provides a person with the ability to communicate and negotiate well, which leads to success. Emotional quotient also defines the personality of a person. It guides behavior and thinking, and helps people to navigate within their social environments.

Studies also reveal that people with a higher emotional intelligence quotient have greater mental health. Intelligence quotient, or IQ, is also regarded as an important factor of success. However, IQ alone is not sufficient to make a person successful because it accounts for only about 10 percent of the ingredients of success.