How Do You Email a Professor?

How Do You Email a Professor?

To email a professor, compose a short but detailed message which relays your exact question or problem. Sign the email using your full name and contact information, and request to speak to your professor further in person.

  1. Use your college email address to compose the message

    Compose and send your email from your official college email address. List your course number, the time your class meets and a brief description of your message in the subject line. For example, "ENG120 MWF 3:00-4:00 p.m., Request additional time on thesis."

  2. Write a succinct message in the body of your email.

    Greet your professor by his proper title and name, then clearly state your problem or question. Keep your message as short, but detailed, as possible. For example, state when you will be missing class and what missed work you need to discuss, or list precisely what assignment you have a question about. Use correct grammar, and avoid typos and slang. Request to speak to your professor further during his office hours or over the telephone, allowing him to give you a faster and more helpful response. Thank your professor for his time, then sign the email using your full name and contact information.

  3. Follow up on your email.

    Check your email frequently for a response. Cooperate with your professor, and discuss your email further in the manner of your professor's choosing. Visit him during his office hours to discuss your issue if he does not reply to your email.