How Do You Help Elementary Students Become Faster With Math Skills?


Some specific ways to help elementary students become faster with math skills are to introduce pre-learning or teaching skills early before they are utilized in school, teach with games or things that make learning fun, help students with math homework to establish full understanding of math concepts and use math in everyday situations. Visuals and graphics paired with tools such as textbooks, guidance and feedback provides a more effective teaching strategy, advises the National Council of Teachers of Mathematics.

Enforce and maximize students' skills by using objects to reinforce mathematical concepts. Use items or have students draw pictures to animate math problems, especially word problems. Encourage students to practice more than just doing their homework assignments. If a child can answer a problem within 3 seconds, the child has mastered the concept. If the child hasn't mastered the concept, practicing the concept will help the student become more efficient.

Using real-life examples when making a recipe, planning a garden or buying items at the store provides students with meaningful and practical applications for math skills. Solving problems in the head rather than on paper or with a calculator also enforces and hones math skills.