What Is "Elementary Statistics" by Bluman?


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"Elementary Statistics: A Step by Step Approach" by Allan G. Bluman has published nine editions as of August 2014. The most recent version, with a publication year of 2015, includes problems dealing with sports, business, architecture, health, entertainment, psychology and many more subjects. The ninth edition includes a textbook, online editions, exam assistance, a subscription to online help and specialized materials by McGraw-Hill.

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This book has practical solutions for statistical models, such as using a graphing calculator, Excel spreadsheets and Minitab. Concepts in the textbook are expounded upon with online homework problems, which have been developed by statistics instructors with years of experience. A separate student manual helps with problems presented in the text. Hundreds of questions are included with online help through the "ALEKS" system on the McGraw-Hill website.

This textbook is for a statistics class that involves students who have passed a basic algebra course. Bluman's work is for high school AP statistics students going into fields that require this type of course in college. Upon completing this advance placement course, pupils taking the AP test can potentially test out of basic statistics courses in college and save hundreds of dollars in tuition fees.

Statistics are essential for several fields, and a course in this subject prepares students for concepts of probability, experiment design, survey analysis and observational practices. Some colleges and universities, such as the University of Chicago, have entire departments devoted to statistics courses.

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