What Are Some Eighth-Grade History Concepts?


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Concepts that might be covered in an eighth-grade U.S. history course include the social, economic and political circumstances faced by the original 13 American colonies, and the principles underlying American democracy, according to the Colorado Department of Education. Concepts that might be covered in an eighth-grade world history course include the roots of the agricultural revolution and the empires of medieval Africa, according to Study.com.

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American public school students are educated in accordance with a set of standards known as the Common Core. The eighth-grade Common Core standards for history and the social sciences include being able to cite textual evidence in support of the analysis of primary and secondary sources, and developing the ability to determine the bias or point of view of a text's author based on textual evidence, states the Common Core State Standards Initiative. Instruction in history is based around these core competencies, and concepts are delivered with issues such as authorial bias in mind.

Each state has a separate set of educational standards that determine public school curriculum. For example, Minnesota state standards for history education include an emphasis on teaching the relationship between the United States and international organizations such as the United Nations, notes Teachinghistory.org.

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