How Do You Effectively Rewrite Sentences?


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To effectively rewrite sentences, grasp the meaning and the idea behind the original sentence. Check whether the sentence follows standard American English grammatical rules, and identify and fix any errors. Next, split the sentence and move the parts around so that it retains the original meaning but is still grammatically correct.

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Consider the reason behind rewriting a sentence to rewrite it effectively. Often, rewriting a sentence involves tweaks that involve grammar fixes or to switch a sentence to active voice. Read the sentence several times within its context to determine how it may be better represented. Split the sentence at sections where it is separated by commas and switch it around so that it still conveys the same meaning. Remove empty filler words and avoid normalization. Reword the sentence, starting with a different part of speech, and consider whether any words may be replaced.

After replacing and rewording, read the sentence again to ensure that the meaning is not altered, unless it is required. Check for comma splices, fragments and whether the verb matches the subject. Add required punctuation or split the sentence into multiple sentences if the original was a run-on. If the sentence still appears faulty, check for and identify grammatical errors to fix the sentence.

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