What Are Some Effective Ways to Study for the CNOR Exam?


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Mometrix's CNOR exam study guide goes over various tips and techniques for test prep, including a detailed study plan that claims to give the best results in the least amount of time. Techniques also include personal email help, guessing techniques for difficult questions, and learning how to improve a score quickly.

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One method of study is grouping answer choices into "families," which narrows down correct answer choices, explains Mometrix. This process quickly eliminates choices that the test taker knows are wrong and helps increase their likelihood of a correct answer. This guide's methods also teach test takers important study skills such as quick double checking, figuring out trick questions, and brainstorming techniques to help find subtle clues they might have missed upon a first read.

Mometrix combines standard study techniques with information on how to guess on questions that are too difficult or on which the test taker is stuck. Their "calibration strategy" helps test takers find a standard speed for answering tough questions, while their "hedge phrase" method helps with identifying key words that can help with finding the correct answer. Other strategies they recommend for test preparation include tips for spotting incorrect answers, how to answer questions using context clues, and a five-step process using various types of study aids and practice tests.

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