What Are Some Effective Teaching Methods Using a Workbook?

Teachers can use workbooks to reinforce the material learned during a lecture, allow students self-study time during the day and prompt students to write and reflect about the subject matter. Teachers can also use workbooks to test a student's knowledge of material covered during class.

Teachers may also find that allowing students to complete workbook assignments as a group or in partners is an effective teaching strategy. In groups or pairs, students collaborate, learn to take on roles as leaders or innovative thinkers, and rely on each other to work through the worksheet problems and prompts.

Offering examples before assigning workbook assignments may also benefit students. For example, if the workbook prompts students to answer questions about a story to measure comprehension, the teacher can project a sample worksheet on a white board and ask the class to help her work on the assignments. Students can volunteer answers and gain confidence in their abilities through this guided instruction.

Interactive, online workbooks can motivate and excite students who are visual learners. Teachers can teach the daily lesson and allow students to complete online workbooks supported by an educational website or software. Many online workbooks feature videos to further explain the material and games to keep the student engaged.