How effective are cursive writing worksheets in improving penmanship?


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Cursive writing worksheets are effective in improving penmanship as they provide a learner with step-by-step instructions for completing exercises, systematic plans for consistent practice, and examples of alphabets, words and sentences to follow. The worksheet examples serve as direct visual feedback to the learner to assess his own work.

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Cursive writing can be looped, italic or connected and can follow styles such as the Palmer and the D���Nealian methods. Growing dependence on keyboard typing has generally led to decreased cursive writing time as part of the core curriculum at some schools.

The appeal of cursive writing, also known as longhand or joined-up writing, lies in its flow, aesthetics and personalized appearance as contrasted with print. Knowledge of cursive writing also makes it easier to read historical documents in their original form such as the American Declaration of Independence or handwritten letters from grandparents.

Research indicates that learning and practicing cursive writing encourages fine motor skills, stronger retention and better idea generation in children, leading to improved performance on reading and spelling tests. The actual effort of drawing out a letter activates a child���s brain in an adult-like manner and more than just tracing or typing it, claims Dr. Karin James.

While doing worksheets, maintain a good grip on the writing tool, position the paper correctly and keep a light, unhurried touch for neatness. Practice movement exercises for the wrist and finger muscles by drawing connected ovals and curves.

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