What Are Some Effective Chapter Review Techniques?


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Skim the headings, answer questions in the book, and form your own questions to study a chapter in a textbook. Picking out the key elements of the chapter as the focus of your studying helps you grasp the overall themes and concepts of the information.

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Special text features in the chapter serve as guides for picking out the key details in the chapter. Write down the headings found throughout the chapter. Pick out bold text and vocabulary words. Focus on charts, diagrams, pictures and captions for quick recaps of key information.

Many textbooks provide review questions either at the end or throughout the chapter. These questions give you clues to the highlights of the chapter. If the book doesn't offer questions, create your own by turning the headings and bold phrases into questions. The information your professor focuses on in class also helps you narrow down your review to the information most likely on the exam.

Quiz yourself using the review questions and your notes from the chapter during study sessions. Turn the questions into flashcards so you can repeatedly quiz yourself on the material. Spread out your review over several days or weeks instead of cramming in the chapter review right before an exam. Spreading out the studying often helps you retain the information longer.

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