What Is an Effectective Way to Learn Calculus?


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An effective way to learn calculus is to use an online resource from a university, such as the calculus section of the MIT Mathematics website. Another option is to use a pay-to-use online lesson website, such as Study.com.

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MIT Mathematics provides online calculus lessons by chapter, including lessons for linear functions, antiderivatives and numerical integration. Click on a chapter to view the chapter introduction and topics. Select a topic to view key term definitions, explanations, examples and practice questions. For additional support, MIT Mathematics provides tools, a glossary of notations and an index.

MIT Mathematics also offers applets and flash dialogues to accompany online text lessons. Flash dialogues are short videos that show how to do each function. There are flash dialogues for subjects such as trigonometry functions, Newton's method and slope of a line. Most flash dialogues feature voice commentary that explains the video.

Study.com offers calculus courses that provide transferable college credit. Access to Study.com costs money, but free trials are usually available. The lesson features videos, quizzes, lesson transcripts and a syllabus outline. The Study.com calculus course contains 105 lessons, with an average length of eight minutes per lesson, as of December 2015. Membership to Study.com grants full access to more than 10,000 lessons for most major subjects, including mathematics, science and history.

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