What Is the EduTyping, Jr. Curriculum?

What Is the EduTyping, Jr. Curriculum?

The EduTyping, Jr. Curriculum is a program for teaching elementary school students how to type. Students progress through seven different units that gradually introduce individual rows on the keyboard.

The first three units of the program introduce the middle, top and bottom rows individually. Students practice with pairs of individual keys before completing the unit by reviewing all of the keys they have learned.

The fourth unit has students begin typing complete words using all the rows. Students start with the ABCs and move on to common words, number words and the names of fruits and veggetables. The fifth unit focuses on capital letters. Students use one hand and one row at a time through the entire unit.

The sixth unit introduces typing complete sentences. Sentences with questions, rhyming sentences, geography facts, plural words and proper nouns are covered. The final unit covers the top row numbers, dividing them into two numbers at a time. There are also seven reinforcement units that cover the same topics with more advanced activities.

Licenses for the software are sold on a per-student basis for terms of one to five years. Licenses can be transferred between students during the same year. A minimum of 25 licenses must be ordered.