What Are Some Educational Title Videos That Are Found on Youtube?


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The most comprehensive listing of educational videos available on YouTube is found at AcademicEarth.org. This site contains a collection of free courses from world-renowned universities. You can sort these courses by either educational institution or subject.

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AcademicEarth.org collects the best university courses that are available for free on YouTube and groups them according to educational institution or subject. Each full course is further broken down into a series of videos, and each video is linked to its location on YouTube. Academic Earth makes it easy to find the best online educational videos, and every video on the site is available for free. This is the first site to visit when looking for educational videos on YouTube as it is easy to use and does not require an account.

While AcademicEarth.org is useful for finding educational videos on YouTube, an extensive directory of educational video sites is also available at refseek.com. This directory has links to numerous other sites that collect educational videos and make it easy to search for videos on a given subject or topic. Some of these other sites may require the creation of an account in order to access their collection of free educational YouTube videos, but most of these sites allow users to open an account for free. Often, an account is available for free if a new user provides either an email account or Facebook account and a password.

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